The Straw Fact Sheet

Our natural fiber rugs, stools and tables are handmade in New York of 100% straw braid. No child or slave labor is used in the production of these products.  Each piece is individually hand dyed and hand-sewn to order.

All patterns are available in various color combinations and sizes. Color choices can be made from our 26 standard colors or we can dye to match your swatches, or a combination of both. Exact color matching is not guaranteed. “Custom Color” lab dips will be sent for approval prior to starting your carpet.

Each piece is sealed with an eco-friendly, low-VOC, water-based interior finish that is impervious to most stains. Although we do not require a pad under our carpets, choosing to place a very thin rug pad underneath the straw carpet is your choice to make, considering floor surface and traffic.