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Makers of the original Sewn Straw carpet


These colorful and unique home furnishings made by hand in New York provide tasteful, elegant, fun and aesthetically pleasing functional works of art for the floor or room.

Our eclectic sewn wheat-straw braid carpets, stools and tables are made for interior use and are fully customizable. Customers can choose body color combinations from a selection of 26 essential colors, or six seasonal limited-edition colors; the straw braid is then hand-dyed and sewn to shape and size.


Our Rugs

Our rugs are handmade in New York of 100% straw braid. No child or slave labor is used in the production of these rugs. Each rug is individually hand-sewn and hand-dyed to order. Color choices can be made from our 26 standard colors or we can dye to match your swatches, or a combination of both. All patterns are available in various color combinations and sizes. Each rug is sealed with a water based, eco & earth friendly, low VOC interior coating that is impervious to most stains. The bottom of each carpet is backed with jute and coated with non-skid rubber latex.


Our handmade Stools & Tables

Our stools and tables are hand-sewn in New York of braided wheat straw .  The sewn straw bases are combined with either a stained and lacquered Russian Birch Ply top, or a Solid Concrete top.  Color choices can be made from our 26 standard colors, from six seasonal, limited-edition colors, or a combination from both. Each stool or table is sealed with an eco-friendly, low VOC, water-based interior finish that is impervious to most stains. All of our products are individually hand-sewn and crafted to order.


handmade stools & tables



Our hand sewn straw rugs have been featured in numerous shelter publications, including Elle Decor, Design Magazine, Interior Design, House & Garden, and many others.

Our rugs have also been reviewed in The New York TimesThe Washingtonian, and The Financial Times.

  • One standout is Hudson Valley based Aleman/Moore, whose harvest and jewel toned straw rugs are simple, yet striking.
    — The Washingtonian
  • Call it granny pop.
    — The New York Times
  • There's also been a stampede for the straw rugs of Aleman/Moore. As corporate America is discredited, those who do honest work - with their hands, no less - are becoming a prized commodity.
    — Financial Times
  • Aleman/Moore's super-smart straw mats run circles around everyday rugs and runners and coincide perfectly with the current taste for bold, slightly Thirties designs.
    — The World of Interiors
  • Aleman and Moore were busy making very cute hats out of straw and they got carried away.
    — Interior Design